Significant Difference Between Sleep Dentistry And Sedation Dentistry

Usually confused with each other sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry are two entirely different approaches of dentistry. They have a common objective of offering a relaxed and painless experience to the patients while at their local dentist’s clinic. Adults as well as children are equally frightened to have dental job done. It makes people nervous and fidgety to visit a dentist and thus they avoid taking appointment leading to aggravated dental condition.

A lot of people may be perplexed when they see dentists offering sleep dentistry and sedation dentistry these days. Many think that that these two terms are same and involve similar procedure leading to a lot of misconceptions. However each procedure is different and has it sown benefits.

Sleep dentistry come into existence mainly due to the increased levels of anxiety in the patients. However in sleep dentistry the patient is not completely asleep during the procedure as the term refers to IV sedative that is administered to them. It helps them to relax and remain in a semi conscious state while the dentist completes the procedure. This type of sedation is practised usually during a tooth extraction, dental implants or during a cosmetic procedure. It is the best method for people who are very nervous and panicked during the treatment. While the patient is sedated using Intravenous Sedation it that describes the procedure of giving sedative drugs to a person through a vein.

Sedation dentistry is a branch of dentistry where anxious patients are administered either an oral sedative or nitrous oxide by the medical practitioner so that they can be as relaxed as possible during their dental treatment. It is a simple procedure that eases your anxiety and leaves you in a very relaxed but conscious state of mind enabling you to respond to your dentist throughout the treatment.

If you choose IV sedation dentistry  than it is essential that you have some one to drive you home after the treatment. It is important for your safety as the sedatives may take some time to wear off and your comfort and safety are significant to the dentist. However if your professional chooses to administer nitrous oxide through a breathing mask then it is comforting. You are required to take a couple of deep breaths and all your nervousness is effectively reduced enabling successful completion of your treatment.

The choice of method depends on you and your dentist. Check out the website of Dr. Sam Khoury for more information on the same. For more information about Sedation Dentistry, Visit our site